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Or that they’ve played and won against tennis pros Venus and Serena Williams?Well, 13-year NFL veteran Bryant Mc Kinnie can say all that and more. Bryant Mc Kinnie: I’m Bryant Mc Kinnie born & raised in Woodbury NJ.But in this intense, family-centric event, how are winners even chosen?Serena’s executive assistant Grant Firestone told , “We hire impartial judges, who will be judging based on a rubric that we’ve created. Last year we won by, like, half a point.” At this year’s Invitational, the VIP guests signed a stringent non-disclosure agreement before entering the abandoned, strip-mall Cineplex that housed the event.I’m big on my record label, and I might add I’m one of very few football players who earned a Grammy certificate for my Co-Executive Producer credits on "The Introduction to Marcus Cooper" R&B project which was nominated for 3 Grammy's. What advice would you give a young person who's interested in many sports and is having to balance their interests?

BMc: During the Off-season, I continued to train, take tennis lessons, work on my record label (Bmajor Music Group) as well as The Bmajor Foundation.

It seems that Serena and Venus Williams apparently don’t rest when it comes to competition and sibling rivalry — instead, they spend all year working toward their “Williams Invitational.” As reported by , the invitational is a tennis, Ping-Pong, dodgeball, and dance competition held annually by the sisters for the last seven years.

The private event started as a fun, low-key family reunion that happened to include a little bit of tennis — not surprising, given the family’s athletic pedigree. Then, in Serena’s words, “…it got serious, and then it got overboard serious, and then it got Broadway.” Broadway is right: This year’s Invitational was centered around an animation theme, with each team — Serena’s Kryptonians, Venus’ A Team, and B Major, a third team led by Bryant Mc Kinnie, former offensive tackle for the Miami Dolphins (and seasoned Invitational vet) — interpreting it a little differently.

Mc Kinnie’s team paid homage to Saturday morning cartoons and including a dream sequence partially inspired by .

The competition was fierce — all the teams practiced for months, sometimes even flying team members halfway around the world for rehearsal.

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