Stars of twilight saga dating

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Likewise, Chris Weitz ("The Twilight Saga: New Moon") and David Slade ("The Twilight Saga: Eclipse").

That Condon ("Dreamgirls") has done two might suggest an uncharacteristic consistency, but both "Breaking Dawn" films arise from the same book.

Teenagers not only decide they don't like something, they decide that what they used to like stinks -- maybe because it represents the embarrassing self they used to be, and the way they used to feel, before they became so mature.

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A tome that in paper form might be rather heavy to lug around has been published today digitally – available to Twilighters on Kindle and other e-readers.It contains 30 interviews with the cast dating from 2008 when the first film was released.Its author Talia Soghomonian met and interviewed the trio at various points during the filming of Twilight, charting their progression from normal teenagedom, and relative obscurity, to the Hollywood A-list.But when it made all this money, my agent said, 'Maybe they'll really let you do what you want, and give you more time' -- I knew Chris Nolan had three years between Batman movies, and Jon Favreau had two years between Iron Man."But the fact that the kids are not supposed to age meant they wanted to release the new movie a year to the date of the first, so I would have had less prep time than I had on the first one." Whatever the reasoning, Hardwicke directed only one "Twilight" movie.

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