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All the same, for the 367 Philippine women who cram its corridors and rooms, house No.

363 on Police Station Road, which adjoins their country’s embassy in the Kuwaiti capital, is a blessed haven.

Perhaps what most incenses Western officials is that the mistreatment is taking place in a country that only a year ago was liberated from Iraqi invaders at enormous cost to the United States and its allies. Pat Schroeder, “has turned into Desert Scandal.” The reason so many Filipino women come to Kuwait in the first place is not hard to grasp.

Like other would-be maids, Benilda discovered that once in Kuwait she was completely at the mercy of her “sponsor,” the family that employed her.

The women are required to sign a contract, often written in Arabic, that sets their wages.

When she tried to tell her Kuwaiti family, she says, she was beaten for making such an accusation. The Sheikha reportedly forced Laraquel, 44, to eat her meals off the floor; she also once threatened to have her hands and tongue cut off and an eye gouged out.

In February, while traveling in Egypt with the Sheikha, Laraquel says she could stand it no longer.

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