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An excellent addition for the collector of Showa swords and having the original mounts as well is a plus.

Shirasaya with one piece silver Habaki Condition: Excellent.

The blade has no condition problems except for surface stains, scratches and scuff marks.

The handle wrap is damaged but could easily be restored..

Please see 807kat4 for another sword by this smith signed Hide Aki Gunto and Shirasaya with one piece silver wash Habaki Condition: Very Good. Suke Hiro is a Rikugun Jumei Tosho during WW2 producing high grade gendaitos.

This is a very nice sword with an active hamon and well forged hada.

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It is very well worked and is flawless except for a small ware near the front on the ura side.

The World War II gunto mounts are good quality with a sukashi tsuba and silver washed detail on the rest of the kodogu. This is an exceptional katana from one of the most sought after schools of the Shinto Period.

The paint on the saya is chipping off and it appears to have been repainted. The Edo Ishido school was founded by Korekazu and Mitsuhira was one of its most imminent smiths.

Lots of great activity in the hada and hamon in typical Rai style.

Priced well below market before habaki and shirasaya are made for sale to someone that might want to mount it differently. The Chio Tsuru school was founded by Rai Kuni Yasu, they signed their works Chiotsuru (Thousand Generation Crane), existing works are quite rare.

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