100 best dating headlines

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But we’re assuming you don’t want to change your name just to fare better on a dating app (but hey, we won’t judge). Bumble released a post with a ton of info on what their users are into – which they are able to gain from a combination of your interests (which they pull from Facebook), the new contextual photo filter feature, and user’s overall profiles.

The most popular job titles were Attorney, Investment Banker and Doctor – no surprise there.

Some common traits the you might notice in the best online dating headlines will be they are funny, striking, or otherwise engage the reader in some way.

It is great for the online dating headlines to be unique. Sometimes you can even pick on somebody in order to get their attention.

The most popular universities on Bumble were SMU, USC (✌️), and UCLA coming in 3rd.

So by simply installing the software, you have access to all the best online dating headlines available in the dating community.

It’s important that your online dating headline jumps out from the crowd, and entices the reader to engage in your actual message.

Some things that you can do to write the best online dating headlines would be study what others have done.

The best online dating headlines are often spontaneous, and unique to the person you are writing them to.

So have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment with your online dating headlines to see what works best for you.

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