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When I was 5, that was the first thing I wanted to be, probably because I memorized that word.My mom and my twin brother are both doctors and I love talking to them about medicine. I think I would be a good doctor if I could not faint.Q: There's a good dose of actual science in the book. I did have to buy textbooks and refresh and to also model my organization of the book after.It is split up into real science chunks like biology, chemistry and physics.Actress Ellen Page has something to say about comedian Megan Amram's new book, "Science... " Quoted on the back cover, Page says, "This book was fun and informative, and just the right size for my tiny lady hands! "I think it's pretty clear that whoever is writing this book is literally an insane person," she tells Crave. After reading through some short comedy pieces I had written for the Internet, I realized I had been making fun of Cosmo-type magazines without even trying to. It's a combination of satire and commentary on gender issues interspersed with graphics explaining physics through nail art and what famous women scientists look like without makeup. 1 best seller in the gender-studies category on Amazon. Amram has made a career out of crafting jokes for her 440,000 Twitter followers, along with writing for television series including the Amy Poehler-led sitcom "Parks and Recreation." She adopts an extreme persona as the book's narrator, channeling a woman who has overdosed on Glamour magazine and drowned in gender stereotypes. Amram took time out ahead of her book tour to speak to Crave about the origins of the book, her own love of science and how she tackles touchy subjects through comedy. Amram: I wanted to write a comedy book that was more an artifact, a little more high concept and had an aesthetic to it, but I didn't really know what I wanted to do.I wanted to write in such a strong character, and it's a very raunchy, crazy book. I truly believe that what I wrote in the book is supporting the victims.I knew that some people are not going to get it and I hope that the people who do get it are really going to like it. This is a book that I consider to have a very strongly feminist bent.

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We sat right across from one another, and I didn't realize he was also in my Physics 2 class.Amram: I really like it because I naturally think in short chunks like that. It's just how I write and it's probably been influenced by writing tweets so much. To know that you have the power in your own hand to affect the world in a great way, whether that means learning to drive a little better so you don't crash into as many pedestrians or if it means some really fun sex tips that will help you make a baby with an ovum. Q: What would you like women to get out of the book? Well okay, this one is probably a given that everyone knows.Physics is hard stuff and it doesn't always come easy.

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