Updating avg without internet

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Although Windows has many build-in device drivers, I prefer to install or update the device drivers with the most recent drivers from the manufacturer.I have frequently seen, things going wrong (blue screen) after updating device drivers from the Windows update website.

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You can directly install the latest service pack, there is no need to install the previous service pack's!When SP3 is available on CD-ROM, you can install it without installing SP1 or SP2 first.By the way, Windows XP is since SP2 provided with and auto update function for critical updates (the yellow shield in the system tray) and the Security Center (the red shield in the system tray).Although it is not necessary, this folder can be used as back-up by simply renaming it to Software Distribution (in stead of deleting the folder).After the folder Software Distribution has been renamed or deleted, the service Windows update can be started again by right clicking it and to choose for Start.

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