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On Windows 10 I tried several times to flash Jessie light onto two different SD cards (one of which brand new) with Etcher-Portable-1.1.2-x64.Each time I get the above potential corruption message. I did checksums (SHA256) and the generated code is the same shown on the raspbian download webpage, and I'm using the latest version of 7-Zip. The flashing proccess looks well done but my raspberry pi zero w dont boot. Have flashed 3 SD cards since w/ this tool and the verification worked fine once I switched readers.I'm having problems when flashing raspbian stretch image into my Raspberry pi zero w. I tried flashing it w/ Win32 Disk Imager and it said 'Write Successful' though i'm not sure if that program does any verification.I tried to flash on linux and windows with various sd cards (8 GB | 16 GB) but the problem persist. Update: Booted w/ the Win32 Disk Imager flashed image w/ the same setup and everything Same problem here. uses cookies to improve performance by remembering your session ID when you navigate from page to page.

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If I just return dd($validator) before the redirect.

FF::ff_anychecked Validates that a radio button in selected in a radio group, or that a checkbox has been checked in a checkbox group.

Can be used with the following elements: FF::ff_securitycode_entered Checks that a security code was entered. FF::ff_securitycode_ok Checks that a valid security code was entered. FF::ff_showvalidation Displays element validation - Used for debugging.

I can run this on the form page When I submit the form and it returns back to the page. I'm not sure how to trouble shoot this or how to get my error messages. But doing (what I think is) the same thing on this project, and I can't get flashed messages to stay. The only difference I know for sure is the one it works on is laravel 5.2.14 and the new one, where it doesn't work is 5.2.31.

So either there is a change between the two I i'm not taking into account.

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